We have walked alongside of families through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. From holding a cool cloth to a woman's head in that instant when she steps into motherhood for the first time, to holding space for the mother losing her battle with drug addiction.

We are not always equipped to meet life's most significant moments with grace and triumph. We all need and deserve support.

It is the passion of our hearts to share those stories and resources that will strengthen your family, enabling you to live out the dreams you hold for yourself and your family.

We will support you as you gain the latest, research-informed parenting practices, as well as the confidence to raise your little one with the values and endless hope that you hold for their bright future. 

We will assist your family as you build community connections, listen to real families' stories, incorporate yummy recipes into your everyday, and acquire tools for managing stress.   

Serving McMinnville, Salem, Newberg, Corvallis, Lincoln City + Surrounding Areas

We offer sliding scale services and firmly believe having a doula is a right rather than a privilege. All families deserve accessibility to quality doula support. Connect with us for sliding scale, trade or incremental payment plans.




  • Families will build a supportive relationship with our Family Support Specialist, gaining valuable knowledge and tools for bonding with their baby and building a foundation of family health.

  • This three-part Family Support Series provides parents with individualized guidance in the comfort of their own homes.

    • Introduction to early brain development

    • Understanding your baby's cues and milestones

    • Processing birth stories & traumatic birth experiences

    • Bonding for dads & bottle-feeding caregivers

    • Family activities to nurture baby's growth

    • Positive parenting methods 

    • Mindfulness practices

    • Maternal mental health assistance, resources and referrals
      (screening for postpartum depression & anxiety)

    • Stress coping and relationship support

    • Community connections


There are a million books and no manual. Parenting is an adventure, to say the least. We can help you explore options and best routes.

*Our Family Support Series and on-going Parenting Consultations are offered to our parents/caregivers with a child between the ages of 0-3. 


$180 Family Support Series (three 90-minute in-home sessions)

>>> 15% discount for families also working with postpartum support - about $150/series.

$60 90-minute parenting consultation (single visit or on-going)

Parenting Consultations are 60-minute, in-home sessions that continue those individualized family support services listed under the Family Support Series section. Information, resources, strategies, and activities are adjusted to your family's needs and child's stage of development, up to the age of three.


"I felt easily connected with Stephanie. I appreciate how she helped me identify and understand my baby's cues. - Newberg Parent

“Stephanie was empathetic, wonderful, and helpful. She was confident when she explained information to me, and explained things in a professional and friendly way. I felt like my voice and opinion was heard. I liked how I got more skills to stay relaxed during challenging times with my kids.” - Mid-Valley Parent

Journey into your new family with support!

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