I’m here to hold space in your journey with mindful compassion. I’m here to offer an approach of companioning; cultivating presence, bearing witness and honoring the complexity of anger and sorrow as you make your journey in your own time. I’m here to help ensure that your birth and/or loss experience is held with respect, love and honor.

The grief journey requires contemplation and turning inward. In other words, it requires depression, anxiety, and loss of control. It requires going into the wilderness.” – Alan Wolfelt

Companioning is an approach to be with people. Listen first, then offer presence and silence as inspired. I am willing to enter into your experience with fearless compassion, wherever you are. Offering a safe place for any energies to be in, settle or integrate. I believe in your resilience. I believe in your capacity to walk this path of grief.

Emotions like grief, fear and despair are as much a part of the human condition as love, awe and joy. They are our natural and inevitable responses to existence, so long as loss, vulnerability and violence come with the territory of being human… These are the dark emotions, but by dark, I don’t mean that they are bad, unwholesome or pathological. I mean that as a culture we have kept these emotions in the dark – shameful, secret and unseen.
— Miriam Greenspan


There is no fee for bereavement or birth support services. I believe families deserve to be nurtured, cared for and listened to, whether they're birthing a full-term, healthy baby or a baby who isn't going to live. I am here serving to remind you, step by step, the options you may have, as they pertain to birth, bereavement, or both.

Connect with me if you’re seeking support well before birth, through the pregnancy and all the challenges, physically or emotionally, that it may bring. Connect with me if you’re seeking someone to be present with you throughout your labor and birth; or in-home support after birth, and can include some lactation guidance as well as practical support including performing light household chores.

I keep a list of local grief counselors, loss support groups, nutritionists, Mayan Abdominal workers. I’m available for postpartum care at an hourly rate, if you’re seeking more regular postpartum care.

I am committed to my goal of staying present and grounded for the sake of grieving mothers everywhere. Above all else, I want a woman who loses a child to know that they are a mother no matter what. Their tender heart needs love and support no matter what. I feel incredibly honored to hold space for a woman and her partner during what may be a time of deep and unspeakable grief.

Serving McMinnville, Salem, Newberg, Corvallis, Lincoln City + Surrounding Areas